Build your Future

Who Are We?

Introducing Agents of Change, Inc., an esteemed non-profit educational organization established in 2012 by renowned educators, Dr. Miguel S. Coronado and Mrs. Rene M. Coronado.

Our mission is to foster a vibrant community where students from all walks of life have equal access to higher education, empowering them to embrace leadership roles and enact positive transformations within their communities.

Message from the founders

As Founders of Agents of Change, we are ultimately seeking to prepare our student members to be effective servant leaders and agents of change. Agents of Change is driven by an unwavering passion for education, leadership, and public service. 

Our mission revolves around the crucial task of supporting students in the Antelope Valley, empowering them through education, mentorship, leadership, and active involvement in public service. Our collective efforts are bolstered by a network of community partners, ranging from esteemed leaders to non-profit organizations and elected officials. This collaborative approach allows us to tackle the challenges facing our region with a comprehensive and holistic perspective. 

Among our dedicated members, we are proud to have students serving on various platforms, including the esteemed Antelope Valley Union High School District Call to Action committee. As the Founders of Agents of Change, our ultimate aim is to equip our student members with the skills and qualities required to become effective servant leaders and catalysts for positive transformation. 

We firmly believe in nurturing a just and equitable community, wherein the quality of life for all citizens in the Antelope Valley can be enhanced. Education, leadership, and public service are the cornerstones of our approach, as we strive to create an environment that fosters growth and equal opportunities for everyone. 

As Agents of Change, we uphold the values of peace, justice, integrity, and honesty. We recognize the importance of extending love, altruism, active compassion, and empathy universally and impartially to all fellow human beings. Our commitment extends to our community and fellow members of Agents of Change, as we continuously encourage initiative, responsibility, accountability, and tireless dedication to serving the residents of the Antelope Valley.

Our Mission and Vision 

At Agents of Change, we are on a transformative mission to change lives through education, leadership development, and public service. We actively recruit, support, and empower students from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to excel academically and become influential leaders in their communities.

 Agents of Change envisions a world where equal opportunities for all are realized. We strive to empower students through recruitment, retention, graduation, and successful transfer to esteemed universities. By fostering a culture of excellence and

 promoting positive social impact, we are dedicated to creating a community where every person's potential can flourish.